“You can't do pushups every day and not get muscles”, says Duce Mino when asked what has kept him grinding and pursuing a music career since the age of 9. If making music equates to “doing pushups” this star has all the muscle needed to have a strong impact on the game. With several official releases under his belt and a growing buzz Duce Mino is ready to show the world why he deserves a spot at the top.

Coming out of the westside of Atlanta, Duce “Yucky” Mino breaks the mold of a typical trap artist in almost every aspect. When many of today’s new artist’s can be considered music “hobbyists” who stumble into viral fame, Duce has spent most of his life crafting a gritty, yet polished sound. Coming up in the streets provides the backdrop for a sound that is set firmly in the world of trap, while pushing the boundaries of what a southern artist can be. As a writer, Duce possesses an uncanny ability to express his complex thoughts and experiences into all types of songs – be it a club banger, street anthem, or a dive into some of his more alternative sounds. “I consider myself an author… I just happen to write songs instead of books.”

Ima need it Back